'Raise the Roof' is a community heritage appeal in Ribchester, which aims to raise the funding needed to undetake necessary repair work to the stone slate roof of the village's Grade I listed church, St. Wilfrid's.

What will this appeal fund?

There are many items of repair needed to the roof that are not apparent to the naked eye but which were obvious to (and indeed classed as urgently needed) by the church’s architect during a recent inspection.

This includes the replacement and refixing of slates on both the north and south sides of the main roof over the nave of the church. In carrying out this work, it will be necessary to renew or repair much of the roof flashings, gutters and associated leadwork.

The westerly dormer window, which has been boarded up for several months, will be repaired and both dormer windows will be made watertight, to put an end to the occasional leaks that we have suffered during heavy rain. The plasterwork over the chancel arch inside the church will be made good and the two elderly boilers that have served the church so well for many years but are now showing their age will be replaced.

In addition to all the work on the church the appeal will cover the cost of scaffolding, statutory and professional fees.

Why is this work necessary?

As is the case with all buildings, if one problem is ignored for too long it leads to other possibly more serious problems developing. In the case of St Wilfrid’s, the condition of the roof is allowing water to enter the inside of the church which will damage the plasterwork and ancient timbers which could lead to much more expensive repairs being needed in years to come.

The architects have advised that the work is carried out urgently and we have been awarded a generous grant from the Roof Repair Fund that will pay for much of the cost of the work. But a condition of this grant is that it must be used soon or it will be lost, so this is an unmissable opportunity to have the work carried out.

Who will carry out the work?

The work will be supervised by the church’s architects, IWA of Clitheroe, assisted by their quantity surveyors, Donald Lomax and Partners. All the work is put out to tender to ensure that the builders who carry out the work do so at the best possible price and on the most advantageous terms.

I can see scaffolding at the Church. What is happening?

In order to make progress on the repair work this year and to draw-down some of the time-limited grant monies secured, the first phase of repair works have started over Summer 2017. Scaffolding is required and certain parts of the building will be closed to all access for safety reasons for this time.

For information, you will find a selection of photographs and a planned timeline for the first phase of repairs below: